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Our new house has CATV and network wiring on the main floor but none of the network wiring is terminated (the previous owners stripped the jacks off the wires for some strange reason).  I originally deployed the entire suite of computers to my office. The list includes:

  • The root and secondary Windows AD domain controllers
  • Dual 21″ Flat Panels
  • The print server and printer
  • The RAID5 file server
  • All the four workstations
  • Three Laptops

My office is a small 10×12 room with only one A/C vent for cooling.  There’s barely enough room for me and the computer gear.  As a housewarming present, my Father-in-law purchased and installed a dual fan in the transom above the door to blow out the hot air all that hardware generates, but I can’t close the door or the room gets too warm.

I decided I should move my computer lab from my stuffy office to the freezing, air-conditioned basement. The move would lower my heat load in the office and maybe will moderate the temperature in the basement.   One of the first things I needed to do was to get some Category 6 cable pulled into the basement room.  My father-in-law has never pulled cable, and was curious and wanted to learn.  We got the cable pulled, I showed him how to terminate Cat 6 by putting one end on myself, then I let him terminate the other end. When he finished, we tested the cable and it works perfectly.

Now all I need to do is move the computers.

Sometimes, I’m asked to quote references for my tutorials and posts.  Here’s one example I received recently:

--- start ---
Hi!  [..really enjoyed your site|liked your tutorial on..]  would you please
provide your reference for that? I really need the reference.
--- end---

When you write something from your own knowledge and expertise, you are not required to use references.

I have a college degree in Internetworking and multiple certifications from various vendors including Cisco, Sun and IBM.  I am a certified instructor who is paid to teach others what he knows. I have worked hands-on with the technologies on a daily basis for over 20 years. That’s what’s known as an expert, and more generally speaking, an authority.

As an expert and an authority, I am qualified to write original articles on subjects within my area of expertise without requiring references, or at least, not too many of them.

Besides, quoting/referencing myself would be silly.


This blog is powered by a CGI application called WordPress which I installed to my website from my Blackberry last week. This post was written from the road while stopped in rush hour traffic. Mobile computing meets cellular Internet and Web 2.0 to converge in a wonder of modern technology! Blogging in motion!

But seriously, don’t try this at home kids!  I’m what’s called an expert.

Convergence: where everything comes together.

Routing protocols converge when all routes on the network are known by all routers.  Convergence is also the term used to describe the unification of voice, video and data on a single network infrastructure.  Convergence in art describes what occurs at a vanishing point where everything seems to fade off into the distance.

Many of the projects I attempt bring together all the various aspects of my life.  This website is one of those projects and so is this blog.