Monthly Archives: November 2008

My friends and family think I’m crazy.  Someone once said to me:

You don’t get enough donations to pay to operate your site. You pay ten times what you receive in donations to your hosting provider. You spend hours working on this site for absolutely no monetary benefit. People flame you and call you an idiot when they find spelling errors, typos and broken links, yet you’re still working on this site after 12 years? WHY?!?

Because every once in a while, I help someone and that is worth it.

I have a full time job already. I enjoy it most days, but I’ve often wondered if there is another way to make a living. I’ve always dreamed of making a living with this site.

It’s very time consuming to support this site. I have a family and a job and very little time for maintaining this site, as much as I enjoy it.   Millions of people have browsed to my site to learn from me, so at least someone finds some value in what I do.

Is there another way to pay for the site and for me to make a living?