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Another reader asks:

What is the difference between an IP datagram and a TCP segment?

Mostly, its terminology used in the standards documentation, though upon transmission a TCP segment gets created first from the application layer data and an IP datagram contains the TCP segment in the payload section of the IP datagram.  I’ve got lots of tutorials on these subjects in this website.

I was so focused on getting the new layout online and getting the blog up and running that I realized I had forgotten to put the donate link back into the design–several of you mentioned it was missing.  So, a little HTML code and some work in a graphics application later, the form is back online.

What do donations to InetDaemon.Com support?  Donations offset the costs of operating the web server, the website and domain name services, all of which cost money.  Please consider supporting InetDaemon.Com with your generous donations.  I’m looking into adding a forum, podcasts, webcasts and online seminars, as soon as I can put together all the right resources.

Keep checking back!

Many years ago, I created an online form (Ask InetDaemon) through which my loyal and curious readers can send me an e-mail with a question about a tutorial or other subjects.  Replying to the e-mail helped the person who sent me the e-mail, but the questions are often quite good and serve as a great basis of writing a tutorial, but unless I wrote a tutorial page, there was no way to share it with my readers.

Now that I have a blog, I can actually reply to these e-mails in a more public forum where they will help more than just one person. The “Ask InetDaemon” category will contain those answers. Subscribe to the RSS feed for the category to see new questions and my answers.

The “Ask InetDaemon” blog category will be reserved for the e-mails I answer.  I’m going to try to answer one question every two weeks on Friday evenings for your Saturday morning amusement.

However, you have to do your part:

First, you have to send me some real questions via the online form. I don’t promise to answer them all and I can’t do your school work for you.

Second, if you want to comment on my responses to any of the e-mails in this category, you need to register for a free InetDaemon.Com account.  Only registered members can comment on my posts.

Stay Tuned!

I’m going back through the articles I’ve written and saved, but never published, so some articles are going to pop up as I approve them (click the publish button). Not sure why I was so cautious in only saving them instead of publishing them. Too shy? Maybe. Maybe just a little paranoid.

In any case, expect quite a few ‘new’ old articles to pop up soon.


Don’t forget to register for a free account.  Accounts are free (no charge, no cost).   Only registered users can add comments (reply) to my blog postings.  I’m looking at adding a forum to the site and in order to block the spammers from posting comment-spam to my blog or to the forum, I have to have a list of ‘permitted’ users, and that means asking my readers to register. It’s simple, quick and relatively painless.