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Have a problem that occurs when you log on? Wonder if that Group Policy settings are being properly applied? Got a logon script that keeps crashing?  Turn on debug logging for Windows logon events to find out what is going on.
Debug Windows Logon Events: USERENV.LOG

K9 Web Protection

From: BlueCoat K9 Web Protection
Free, up-to-date, Highly Recommended
Supported OS: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista; Mac OS X 10.4.7 and later

BlueCoat manufactures security devices providing Web Content Filtering for corporate enterprises.  They also make a parental control application called K9 Web Protection which is free for home users.  It is an excellent balance of filtering capability and ease of use and has a lot of options to help parents set limits on web browsing and block unsafe or inappropriate sites.  What you get is pretty impressive, given that it is  free.

FULL ARTICLE: Free Parental Control for the Web

Can you tell me what a default gateway is, briefly?

If you have a set of computers that can talk to each other directly, you have a network. For computers on your network to talk to computers on another network, you need a default gateway.

More about the Default Gateway

Whether you’re working on code, content, design, usability and business processes surrounding website development, you should stop by A List Apart. I’ve used several excellent CSS tutorials from this site and I highly recommend it.