Monthly Archives: March 2011

If you are reading this then Bluehost, our hosting provider, has completed the maintenance. So far, I’ve not noticed a single problem.

InetDaemon.Com will be down for maintenance between 9pm March 28 and 5am March 29. Our hosting provider is physically moving equipment between data centers. This is a physical move, which is a bit odd, since the best time to move to a new datacenter is when you’re moving to a new hardware platform (basically, set up the new systems, switch over the data and code).

On another note, one phrase in our provider’s notification that I found interesting ran thusly:

“Our experience has shown that hands-on control over all aspects of your hosting is the best method of ensuring excellence.”

What? Outsourcing your datacenter to a remote facility is counterproductive? Imagine that..

Anyway, we should be back online by 5am at the hosting provider’s time zone.

Paul Baran, one of the geniuses working for RAND corporation, conceived of a distributed packet switching network in which information could broken up at the source, be transmitted across multiple paths and reassembled at the far end, preventing the message from being disrupted if the ‘network’ took a big hit (such as one or more nuclear blasts).  This concept of a distributed message system paved the way for the ARPANET, the grand-daddy of today’s Internet.

He died today from lung cancer at age 84.

You can read the New York Times Article here: