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 Number Systems

Numbers are symbols that we use to represent quantities.  Binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal are four number systems used frequently in computing and networking.   This set of short tutorials on number systems will explore the binary, decimal and hexadecimal number systems. You will need to understand all of them for the CCNA exam, but most especially binary and hexadecimal.  Decimal is the human numbering system we display IPv4 addresses.  Binary is used for calculating network masks, hexadecimal is used to display Ethernet MAC addresses and IPv6 addresses.


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Welcome to our CCNA Lessons Tutorial Series from InetDaemon.Com.  These lessons and tutorials are designed to be short and simple so you can study for your CCNA in less than 20 minutes a day.  Subscribe to our mailing list to get these posts in your mailbox every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The CCNA certification is the primary certification that managers look for when they hire Network Operations personnel.  According to, the median income for Network Engineers is just over $66,000 per year (2012), and more with a government clearance and a few years experience.   The CCNA exam is relatively inexpensive, and you can take the exam at any Cisco-authorized testing center. InetDaemon.Com has a full set of tutorials and guides to help you study for, and pass the CCNA are here at InetDaemon.Com.


Intro to the CCNA