Malware Alerts

From M86 Security Labs comes a blog post showing ‘explosive’ growth in malicious spam, originating from the Cutwail, Festi and Asprox botnets.

Symantec estimates that 1/3 of all SPAM was stopped when Microsoft (with the assistance of the U.S. Marshals and a court order) took steps to shut down the Rustock botnet. Other botnets (Bagle, Festi, Cutwail, Lethic, Grum, Xarvester and others) are stepping into the void left by Rustock. Whether Rustock will remain 'dead', is unclear as the Rustock programmers and Rustock ringleaders are still unidentified and still at large. Continue reading

Received an e-mail today from hackers trying to trick me into opening a file attached to the e-mail. The file was, of course, malware.  Below is a copy of the fake Facebook e-mail. These e-mails have been circulating since January 2010.

Full Story: Fake Facebook Password Notice

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Third year in a row Charlie Miller has walked away with the prize at Pwn2Own. Apple is busy patching. As I keep telling my Mac-zealot friends, Mac’s can and do get hacked every day.  There is no such thing as a system that is ‘inherently secure’ or ‘inherently immune’ to attack.