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Sun's Datacenter in a Shipping Container

Image Courtesy Sun Microsystems

Containerized datacenters.   Take a standard shipping container, outfit it as a datacenter and sell it to the customer as a turn-key, instant-on solution to the problem of providing physical space, power and cooling for equipment.  Microsoft proposed this and demonstrated it at a trade show in 2007.  HP and Sun have also built commercial products for sale.

I spent this afternoon looking at Sun’s Project Blackbox which Sun is heavily marketing using the Internet Archive for one of their customer testimonials.

Here’s Sun’s solution: Project Blackbox

I’m currently performing a high-level survey of the products available in the Virtualization software space.  Since the development of Xen, there has been an explosion of software to allow you to run more than one server on the same host.  This series of posts will begin with a quick introduction to what Virtualization is, what it is used for and summarize with a survey of vendors and products.

I’ll be looking at three different kinds of virtualization software:

  • Server Virtualization
  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Network Equipment Virtualization