If you haven’t been back in a while, you may have to create a new account.  A spammer’s automation went berzerk and created hundreds of fake logins in an attempt to create comment spam.  Because I use WP-SpamFree, comment spam is blocked, but the spammer’s automation was too stupid to figure that out and it just kept creating one account after another.    To prevent this in future, I added WP-reCaptcha so that account creation ostensibly will require a human being to get past the reCaptcha protection.  Unfortunately, I had to clean out the list of users and I’m afraid there wasn’t any way to tell for certain which accounts were real and which were fake so I reset the user database.

Logins are not required to read the blog, yet.  Pretty soon, a login will be required in order to read full articles and those who have logins won’t see external advertising, though I will still advertise any seminars and training events I’m providing.