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I need to lock out spammers and other bad elements so that your use of the site is as problem-free as possible. Please register sooner, rather than later.

I have long desired to have an interactive website instead of a set of flat, static web pages. To that end, I recently installed WordPress to handle the blogging.  I’ve always wanted to allow my readers to respond to the articles I write with their own questions so that others can read them and learn from the answers I provide.  Good questions often force me to take a second look at an article or tutorial from a different perspective, which often results in a better explanation of the topic and a better tutorial overall.

I’m also looking into podcasting and investigating other applications to provide interactive functionality such as polls and community based functions such as forums, bulletin boards, etc.

The problem is, hackers and spammers like interactive websites. They post junk links, or disguise hacker-sites as helpful or interesting links. To keep out those bad elements, I’ll have to lock them out by only permitting people who have an account.

Again, when you register, the account is free, I just have to lock the undesirable hackers and spammers out. The good news is that every response will be reviewed and approved by InetDaemon personally, guaranteeing that nobody sees any spam (well, hopefully nobody).

Thanks to all my loyal readers and keep checking back for more updates and changes to the site!