An old barn

An Old Barn

While taking another evening walk, I found this old barn, unused, fallen into extreme disrepair. The wood is old, weather-beaten and the outer layer of wood slats have long since rotted away, fallen off or been torn off by the wind.  I’m guessing that the farmer that once owned this land used to store his tractor here, this was probably his tool shed as well. It has a raised floor and is too small to house anything but some chickens, if any livestock at all were kept here.

A lot of interesting features still remain. Roll-away outer doors, license plates nailed to the outside, corrugated tin used to repair the lower section of the structure and windows that open into a mysterious, dark interior.

The plants are beginning to overtake the place which still somehow manages to stand on its own and not lean to one side in a slow crash to the ground as old barns are often wont to do.  I spent a solid hour photographing it and when I got the pictures home, I found things in the pictures I completely missed when I was in front of the barn.  I think its been too long since I was taking photos seriously and my photographer’s eye has gotten a little myopic.

Still, it’s a nice shot.   Enjoy!