Sometimes, I’m asked to quote references for my tutorials and posts.  Here’s one example I received recently:

--- start ---
Hi!  [..really enjoyed your site|liked your tutorial on..]  would you please
provide your reference for that? I really need the reference.
--- end---

When you write something from your own knowledge and expertise, you are not required to use references.

I have a college degree in Internetworking and multiple certifications from various vendors including Cisco, Sun and IBM.  I am a certified instructor who is paid to teach others what he knows. I have worked hands-on with the technologies on a daily basis for over 20 years. That’s what’s known as an expert, and more generally speaking, an authority.

As an expert and an authority, I am qualified to write original articles on subjects within my area of expertise without requiring references, or at least, not too many of them.

Besides, quoting/referencing myself would be silly.