My friends and family think I’m crazy.  Someone once said to me:

You don’t get enough donations to pay to operate your site. You pay ten times what you receive in donations to your hosting provider. You spend hours working on this site for absolutely no monetary benefit. People flame you and call you an idiot when they find spelling errors, typos and broken links, yet you’re still working on this site after 12 years? WHY?!?

Because every once in a while, I help someone and that is worth it.

I have a full time job already. I enjoy it most days, but I’ve often wondered if there is another way to make a living. I’ve always dreamed of making a living with this site.

It’s very time consuming to support this site. I have a family and a job and very little time for maintaining this site, as much as I enjoy it.   Millions of people have browsed to my site to learn from me, so at least someone finds some value in what I do.

Is there another way to pay for the site and for me to make a living?

4 Responses to Another Way

  • Chace says:

    Don’t fret! I too have started a similar website and have already begun to catch flack from friends and family. While the content of my site is slightly different than yours the concept is the same, to provide help to those that need it and create a collection of my learning, reflections, insights and questions. I myself am single and have no children. I too have a full time job that like you said, most of the time is great, but I also am wondering if there isn’t another way. My site is still wet behind the ears and no where near the status of yours, but hopefully one day.

    I would look at it this way. Being in the position I am in I would be thrilled to have even 10k hits in a month let alone hundreds of thousands so in that respect I believe you are already a success. As long as this doesn’t consume you and your personal life, I can see how being in front of the keyboard 24/7 could take a toll on your personal/family relationships.

    As far as the donations go I am sure you get a few here and there but even if you didn’t get any would it change the way you feel and operate the site? I myself would donate if I had some extra money, but at the moment with car loans, school loans, rent and bills I am picking lint out of my pockets.

    Have you ever considered writing a book? Just a thought.

    I found all the information on this site very useful (the things I have read thus far), and have a link to your site added to my own in the footer.

    Keep it coming and pay no mind to the haters.

  • nanasei says:

    hey i have an exam in the afternoon, it’s 2:38am n i’ve been reading from ur site for the past 2 hrs. this isreally good stuff. keep up the good work. keep at it n the money ill come it’s obviously s’thing u love to do n u do it well. how does one donate?

    • InetDaemon says:

      When I updated the website’s layout, I forgot the “Donate” link. It’s now back on the linkbar the top of the page.

  • naveen koneru says:

    well well well …. frnds this site is really good.. when i gone through ping doc, it is really superb.. even in wiki i haven’t found such an article..

    Coming to donation I am really sorry, but if i hav i am sure that i will..

    spellings.. if we hav brain no one will look for spellings we look towards matter..