The DNS tutorials have always been a bit of a monster and in need of better organization. There’s a lot to how DNS works and there are a lot of individual tutorial pages in that section of the site. I’ve updated the DNS tutorial and reorganized it. The reorganization means that if you’ve bookmarked the DNS pages, the bookmark probably isn’t working any more because the page moved.

The DNS tutorial was organized as a set of pages in one folder. I’ve now grouped them into categories. I still need to go through and sort the pages into the correct reading order and update some scripts so that the ‘next page’ functionality works properly. At one time, I looked into converting the static pages into WordPress ‘pages’, but there are over 800 individual pages within this site and WordPress apparently has problems handling more than 160 pages (WordPress would crash and I’d have to wipe out the installation, reset MySQL and reinstall it).

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