Use WordPress? Tired of updating your blog, updating LinkedIn and announcing the posts on Facebook, and Tweeting it? Want to be able to post once to your blog and have it posted to your Facebook wall, LinkedIn profile and announced on Twitter just by posting to WordPress? Want folks to share your site via Social Bookmarking?

Install WordPress 2.7.1

Install the following WordPress Plug-ins:

  1. Wordbook (by Robert Tsai) – There are two plugins by the name of “Wordbook”. Only the one from Robert Tsai publishes to Facebook, the other just creates a “Share on Facebook” link in WordPress for readers to share your post via bookmarks. The Robert Tsai plugin will cross-post your ‘post’ to your Facebook Wall.
  2. Twitter Tools – Sweet! Tweet directly from your WordPress blog. Better still, a tweet goes out every time you post (if you wish).
  3. Sociable – This is for your readers to be able to bookmark your page at their favorite social bookmarking site.



  1. Log into your LinkedIn account
  2. Look for the Applications link on the left hand list of links
  3. Click “WordPress”

LinkedIn will automatically grab your posts from your WordPress blog and display summaries of the last four posts in your profile.

Final Notes

The Wordbook plugin  is one way integration, posts to WordPress go to Facebook via Wordbook, but not the other way round.