Symantec estimates that 1/3 of all SPAM was stopped when Microsoft (with the assistance of the U.S. Marshals and a court order) took steps to shut down the Rustock botnet.  Other botnets (Bagle, Festi, Cutwail, Lethic, Grum, Xarvester and others) are stepping into the void left by Rustock.  Whether Rustock will remain ‘dead’, is unclear as the Rustock programmers and Rustock ringleaders are still unidentified and still at large.

This isn’t the first time Microsoft has taken down a botnet and Rustock is not the only botnet.

We have known for years that personal and business desktop computers infected with viruses and bots were the primary source of the majority of SPAM on the Internet.  Lack of computer literacy, knowing how to use and protect your computer, is the primary enabler of computer infection.  Having anti-virus isn’t enough, you have to know how to protect your computer and how to surf the web and handle e-mail and files safely.

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