Considering monetizing your website? Want to add advertising revenue?   Two of many possible choices are Google AdSense and Kontera.  Kontera is heavilly promoted by  several web marketing ‘gurus’ and Google is well, Google.   I tested these two systems to determine:  how easy they were to put in place, how well they work, how they affect your traffic and lastly, which is the better revenue generator.

The Tale of Two Ad Systems (more)

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There were several questions I  wanted answers to when I started using AdSense:

  • Do the ads really match my content?
  • Were there any traffic changes due to ad placement?
  • Did InetDaemon.Com make any money?
  • Should I use Google AdSense?

Here is what I found…

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Google is a search engine delivering advertising, so just how does that work? Continue reading
In this series of posts, I share my experiences with Google's AdSense advertising program. Google's terms and conditions are very restrictive which prevents me from discussing the actual and Google doesn't give you any idea what you can earn. Continue reading