Rackable Systems' Ice Cube containerized datacenter

Image Courtesy Rackable Systems Website

Third in my series of overviews on containerized datacenters is Rackable Systems ‘Ice Cube’.  Rackable Systems boasts the highest processor, storage and rack unit densities of all three systems I’ve reviewed.  HP is going to kick themselves, but I found out about these guys by watching the background of the HP promotional video of their POD containerized datacenter solution.

Here are the basics of Rackable Systems’ solution: The Ice Cube

HP has been promoting their containerized datacenter solution as a ‘cloud computing’ solution, implying that this is a datacenter virtualization product as well, even though it is primarily infrastructure and the computers, disks and tape storage devices are all extra. I put together the basic statistics on the HP POD for you.

The HP’s Solution: The Performance Optimized Datacenter (POD)

Sun's Datacenter in a Shipping Container

Image Courtesy Sun Microsystems

Containerized datacenters.   Take a standard shipping container, outfit it as a datacenter and sell it to the customer as a turn-key, instant-on solution to the problem of providing physical space, power and cooling for equipment.  Microsoft proposed this and demonstrated it at a trade show in 2007.  HP and Sun have also built commercial products for sale.

I spent this afternoon looking at Sun’s Project Blackbox which Sun is heavily marketing using the Internet Archive for one of their customer testimonials.

Here’s Sun’s solution: Project Blackbox