HP has been promoting their containerized datacenter solution as a ‘cloud computing’ solution, implying that this is a datacenter virtualization product as well, even though it is primarily infrastructure and the computers, disks and tape storage devices are all extra. I put together the basic statistics on the HP POD for you.

The HP’s Solution: The Performance Optimized Datacenter (POD)

Sun's Datacenter in a Shipping Container

Image Courtesy Sun Microsystems

Containerized datacenters.   Take a standard shipping container, outfit it as a datacenter and sell it to the customer as a turn-key, instant-on solution to the problem of providing physical space, power and cooling for equipment.  Microsoft proposed this and demonstrated it at a trade show in 2007.  HP and Sun have also built commercial products for sale.

I spent this afternoon looking at Sun’s Project Blackbox which Sun is heavily marketing using the Internet Archive for one of their customer testimonials.

Here’s Sun’s solution: Project Blackbox

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