I want to establish a tcp connection from multiple
clients to the server on the same port at the server.
How do I do that?

Sounds like you’re trying to multiplex the connections at your server.  Provided your application can handle more than one client at a time, TCP multiplexing takes care of the networking side of things for you automatically.

Here’s how..

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What PC has the best state-of-the-art-system?

(UPDATED for 2014)

The PC with the Best, State of the Art system.

Dear InetDaemon,

Why are customers quoted different prices for 
broadband through an ISP? Why does 128kbps 
Frame Relay cost less than 256kps?
Why are leased lines and private lines so expensive? 
And what is the fee structure like for these kinds 
of services?

Isn't it all the same Internet?

Inquiring IT Manager

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