Cool flash applet HTML5/JavaScript page showing the history of the development of web standards and web browsers:

(I stand corrected.. 😉  )

K9 Web Protection

From: BlueCoat K9 Web Protection
Free, up-to-date, Highly Recommended
Supported OS: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista; Mac OS X 10.4.7 and later

BlueCoat manufactures security devices providing Web Content Filtering for corporate enterprises.  They also make a parental control application called K9 Web Protection which is free for home users.  It is an excellent balance of filtering capability and ease of use and has a lot of options to help parents set limits on web browsing and block unsafe or inappropriate sites.  What you get is pretty impressive, given that it is  free.

FULL ARTICLE: Free Parental Control for the Web

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I’ve often been asked what tools I use in building and maintaining InetDaemon.Com.  I do nearly all my development work from a Windows computer.  InetDaemon.Com doesn’t use Java and only a small amount of JavaScript, so my needs are fairly modest and I don’t require a lot of heavy software to do the work. Here is the short list of tools I use to create and maintain InetDaemon.com…
InetDaemon’s Web Development Tools

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