If you support Microsoft products, get a TechNet subscription.  TechNet provides unlimited working copies of every operating system, server and Office product without limitations on time or features. You also get the   entire online TechNet support library.  These copies don’t expire.  Your TechNet subscription also comes with two free support incidents from Microsoft.  I’ve never needed to call Microsoft support, so I generally let the subscription lapse and buy a new subscription every two to three years when I have a reason.

A TechNet subscription can run you $599, but you can get TechNet for $250.  How, you ask?

First, Microsoft offers a download-only version of the TechNet subscription called TechNet Direct. They don’t ship you DVD’s or CD’s.  You can download the ISO files for the Microsoft products in TechNet directly from Microsoft.  You can burn the TechNet ISO images to your own CD-ROM or DVD. You also obtain your Microsoft TechNet license keys online through the same site as the downloads.

Normally, a TechNet Direct subscription is $349 a year which saves you $250 from the standard TechNet Single subscription.  If you use the right promotion code for 2009, you can get this same subscription for only $249 through July 3rd!

To get your subscription for only $249:

  1. Go to Microsoft’s TechNet Subscription Website
  2. Click the “Buy for $349 USD” option
  3. Select the “TechNet Plus Direct” radio button in the left hand column
  4. Enter the promotion code of TEYFY09
  5. Click Continue
  6. Your order will show $249!