I purchase quite a bit of computer electronics. To date, I’ve purchased the following products from Belkin:

  • 1 Surge Suppressor Power Strip
  • 2 Backup Power Supplies
  • Several Ethernet Cables
  • 1 Mouse
  • 1 Wireless Access Point
  • 2 Wireless PCMCIA Network Cards

Belkin is proof positive that you get what you pay for.

Ethernet cables are basic insulated copper wiring and hard get wrong, and so far, the cabling has been the most reliable.  The power strips are almost as simple–wires, capacitors and a fuse.  The batteries in the Belkin backup power supplies barely last a year, even when they’ve only had to service less than a handful of brief power outages lasting less than 10 minutes.

I’ve been consistently disappointed by their products.  Only the power strip and the backup power supplies lasted more than a few days or hours and the 6-year old APC backup power supply (same size and watts rating) has outlasted the brand new Belkin backup power supplies I bought.  The mouse was flimsy which is typical of most Belkin products.  The Wireless Access Point wouldn’t connect to any wireless card I tried, including Linksys, Apple and even Belkin wireless cards.  Another Belkin wireless card my wife bought years later, didn’t work at all.  Not only couldn’t I get it working, Belkin support couldn’t get it working either.  So, back to the store it went, on Belkin’s own advice (they wouldn’t accept an RMA).

When you buy computer electronics, you want it to work and you want it to be reliable.  Belkin apparently has poor or non-existant quality control in their manufacturing facilities. That’s the only factor I can come up with that would explain how products across several lines would consistently fail to work out of the box.

To sum it all up, Belkin products are cheap–too cheap.  Don’t waste your money.