Found an Adobe demo video on YouTube of the HP Slate:

The HP slate is Windows 7 based, as Steve Ballmer demonstrated at CES. The HP Slate Ballmer demonstrated appears to have the Kindle software for Windows installed. The HP Slate also runs Adobe Air and Flash, the iPad does not, which means the iPad can’t display the vast majority of video content on the Internet.  If you’re using the iPad, you won’t be able to view the embedded video in this page.  The Adobe demo video also demonstrates that the HP Slate surface is multi-touch–you can use gestures. The HP Slate has multitasking capability which the iPad lacks.

For now, the Slate has yet to be released, or have a release date announced, so there aren’t any available for purchase.. yet.  But they look cool.  The iPad is slated for release April 3rd.

Gee, I really have lived long enough for those Star Trek digital pads to become a reality.