I’ve figured out how to use the Blackberry as a modem to connect my computer to the Internet so I don’t have to share the awful, over-utilized Internet connection in a hotel and so I can connect to the Internet while I’m on the road.

So, how does one set up their computer so they can use their Blackberry to connect to the Internet?

To use your Blackberry as a dial-up modem, here’s what you will need:

  • Blackberry Desktop Manager 4.6.0. 14
  • Blackberry 8320 Smartphone software v4.5.0.81
  • USB Cable
  • Windows XP

Note: Get your software from your Wireless carrier’s site.  Getting the latest software from Research In Motion can sometimes cause problems because the carrier often customizes the software for their own use and your wireless carrier may not support the the software unless it came from them.


Here’s the general process for setting up a dial-up networking connection in Windows.

  1. Install the Desktop Manager software on your computer
  2. Install the Smartphone software on your Blackberry
  3. Launch the Desktop Manager Software
  4. Configure a Modem in Windows
  5. Configure a dialup networking connection

Here’s how to do this, step by step.

Install the Desktop Manager Software on your Computer

You only need to perform this step if your software is before version 4.6.0. 14.

Download the software from T-Mobile’s site and install. Just accept all the defaults and reboot your computer when finished.

Install the Smartphone Software on your Blackberry

You only need to perform this step if your Blackberry smartphone software is older than version Download the software from T-Mobile and follow the installation prompts.

Start Blackberry Desktop Manager

  1. If you installed new software on your computer it will need to Restart.
  2. If you installed new software on your Blackberry, it will restart.
  3. Once your computer and your Blackberry and have restarted, plug your Blackberry into your computer with your USB cable.
  4. From your computer, launch the Blackberry Desktop Manager software.

Configure the Dial-Up Modem

First, we have to configure a modem in Windows. The Blackberry Desktop already creates a modem in Windows when it is installed. All you need do is enter the correct initialization string for the modem so it will connect to T-Mobile’s network.

    1. Click Start
    2. Click Control Panels
    3. Click Printers and Other Hardware
    4. Click Phone and Modem Options
    5. Click the Modems tab
    6. In the list of installed modems, highlight Standard Modem
    7. Click the Properties button
    8. Click the Advanced tab
    9. Enter the following string under Extra initialization commands

      Be careful with the double quotes. If you cut and paste this string from this page, be sure to paste it into Notepad and type over the double quote marks.
    10. Click OK
    11. Click OK
    12. Click Start
    13. Click Control Panels
    14. If you have Category View, click Network and Internet Connections

    15. Click Network Connections

    16. Under Network Tasks, select Create a new connection
    17. The New Connection Wizard will open

    18. Click Next

    19. Select Connect to the Internet
    20. Click Next
    21. Select Set up my connection manually

    22. Click Next
    23. Select Connect using a dial-up modem
    24. Click Next
    25. Enter a any name you wish in the ISP Name blank
    26. Click Next
    27. Under Phone number, enter *99#
    28. Click Next
    29. Select whether you wish this dialup connection to be usable only by you or anyone on the computer.
    30. Click Next
    31. In the Internet Account Information dialog:
    32. Do not enter a username, passord or domain.
    33. Uncheck the box for Use this account name and password.
    34. Uncheck the box for Make this the default Internet connection
    35. Click Next
    36. Click the box for Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop
    37. Click Finish
    38. The Connect <ISP Name> window will appear
    39. Click the Properties button
    40. The Properties window will open
    41. Uncheck the box for Prompt for name and password, certificate, etc.
    42. Uncheck the box for Prompt for phone number
    43. Click OK
  2. Set Up the Dial-Up Networking Connection

    At this point, the computer will automatically try to connect via the Blackberry to the T-Mobile network. Whenever you double click the desktop shortcut for the connection, it will also automatically connect.