Mobile phone use is exploding all over the planet. Mobile access to the web in North America was up more than 148% in 2009, according to Quantcast.  Asian and South American countries still lag behind but are growing. More than 50% of the mobile web users are on iPhones, according to Quantcast.

According to comScore, mobile access to Twitter, a social media site, grew by more than 347%.  Al Fram of the Associated Press reported on a CDC study that shows that one in four households have a cell phone but no land line in the U.S. Phone manufacturers shipments grew by 21.7% (294.9 million mobile phone handsets shipped) in the first quarter of 2010. Over 30% of mobile device users surf the web with their phone. Almost all of these mobile smartphone users accessed social sites (Twitter, Facebook etc.) through their phone daily.  More than half the mobile web surfers are iPhone users, but this is shifting as new smartphones shipped in 2010.

It is expected by 2010 that there will be 86 million mobile devices in the U.S.  and may be the primary device used for Internet access for most people in the world.

Here is a breakdown of some of the comScore and Quantcast data:

  • 11.1% of Twitter users used a mobile devices to access the Web
  • 22.5% of Facebook users used mobile devices to access the Web
  • 234 Million mobile phone service subscribers currently
  • Breakdown by phone manufacturer
    • Samsung 21.9%
    • Motorola 21.9%
    • LG 21.8%
    • RIM (Blackberry) 8.3%
    • Nokia 8.3%
  • Breakdown by service providers
    • Verizon 31.1%
    • AT&T Cingular 25.2%
    • Sprint 12%
    • T-Mobile 12%
    • Tracfone 5.1%
  • Breakdown of smart phones Shipped (according to IDC’s worldwide mobile phone tracker)
    • 36.6% – Nokia
    • 21.8% – Samsung
    • 9.2% – LG
    • 3.8% – RIM (Blackberry)
    • 3.6% – Sony Ericsson