UPDATE: December 4, 2007

Note that this tutorial covers outdated versions of the Mac operating system. MacOS versions older than MacOS X (Mac OS ten) are "end of life" and are no longer commercially available for sale.


Birth of Mac OS

Mac OS versions

Mac OS GUI Features

MAC OS System Configuration

  • Pre-OS X
    • Control Strip
    • Launcher
    • System Folder (Drag and drop)
      • Extensions
      • Extensions Folder
      • Disabled Extensions Folder
      • Extensions Manager
      • Control Panels
      • Control Panels Folder
      • Disabled Control Panels Folder
    • Filesystem
      • Mac FS
      • The Desktop file
      • Resource Forks
      • Aliases
  • OS X
    • Design: BSD / NextStep hybrid
    • Intel-based, but checks for Apple hardware and halts if Apple hardware is not found.
    • System folder
    • Filesystem
      • UFS
      • I-Nodes
      • Superblocks

Troubleshooting Mac OS 9


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