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Internet Routing Architectures (Bassam Halabi)

This is perhaps the definitive work on the subject of BGP and the ideal book if you're just starting out. Nevermind it is over 10 years old, it's STILL the definitive work on the core BGP functionality.

The book contains a clear explanation of how BGP functions, shows exact Cisco IOS configuration examples and guides the user through the complex nature of routing announcements, aggregation, controlling announcements and filtering received routes. The author even makes recommendations for special routing environments used in the backbone of very large networks such as confederations.

Ideal reference for Network Architects, Network Operations personnel and anyone who deals with BGP on a regular basis. An excellent primer for those wishing to learn BGP. It really is that good.

I keep this book in ready reach whenever I am working with BGP. --InetDaemon

Routing in the Internet

Christian Huitema is an author of a number of Request For Comments documents (RFC's) and is working for INRIA on high speed routing in networks above 1Gbps. This work is more broad than the Halabi book but approaches it from a slightly different perspective.




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