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Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is a client-server protocol used to monitor and manage networks remotely. This protocol relies upon UDP for transport, and is well supported by most manufacturers. Many use SNMP combined with a web interface to allow remote adminstration of their equipment, such as HP's TopTools, Cisco's CiscoWorks etc.

Other vendors produce tools designed to monitor the availability and performance of servers and network equipment.

  1. Definitions
    1. SNMP Versions
      1. SNMP v1
      2. SNMP v2c
      3. SNMP v3
    2. Master
    3. Agents
    4. Management Information Base (MIB)
    5. Structure of Management Information (SMI)
    6. Objects and Object Identifiers
      1. Public MIBs
      2. Private MIBs
    7. Traps
    8. Community Strings
  2. Implementing SNMP
    1. Design Models
    2. Software Installation
      1. SNMP Agents
        1. Microsoft's SNMP Service service
      2. SNMP Masters
        1. Microsoft's limited SNMP Trap Service service
    3. Deployment
    4. Configuration
    5. Special considerations


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