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Object Identifiers (OIDs) are used to identify SNMP objects. OIDs are structured as a pattern of numbers separated by dots and are used to indicate specific values that can be read from and/or written to by a remote host. These objects provide a place to store configuration, state, performance or other information which can be polled by an SNMP master or sent via an SNMP Trap.

For example, the OID at which the MIB for Cisco Gear is located is or .

The location in the MIB where this OID is located looks like this:

.ccitt (0)
.iso (1)
| (3)
  |-.dod (6)
    |-.internet (1)
      | (1)
      |-.mgmt (2)
          |-.system (1)
          |-.ip (4)
          |-.icmp (5)
          |-.tcp (6)
          |-.udp (7)

      |-.private (4)
        | (1)
          | (9)

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