Scripts are small ASCII files containing human-readable instructions that the computer will send to a binary application to be parsed and run (executed). Scripts are slower than true binary programs, but they are easier to use and maintain and are useful for small tasks such as system administration and dynamic websites. Scripts are relatively small so the load they create by being slower is offset by the ease by which they are used and maintained.

Scripts can be written to stand on their own, needing no outside resources other than the scripting engine. They can also be embedded within an HTML document in order to make that document dynamic.

  • Basic Programming
  • Shell Scripting
    • UNIX Shell Scripting
    • Windows
      • DOS Batch Files
      • Scripting Host
  • Computer Gateway Interface Scripts (CGI scripts)
  • Client Side Scripting
  • Scripting Languages
    • Embedded
      • JavaScript
      • VBScript / ASP
      • PHP
    • Non-embedded
      • Java
      • Perl (


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