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A paragraph break is a two part set of tags that designate where a paragraphs starts, and where it ends. The paragraph tag opens a paragraph with a <P> and closes it with a </P>. Paragraph breaks will end a paragraph and insert a blank line before the next paragraph. By the rules of HTML, most text should be contained within a paragraph break set.



Sometimes you want a line to end at a specific point, and you want the flow of the page to immediately wrap onto the next line. You can combine this with another block command to create a list that looks like this:

First Line<BR>
Second Line<BR>
Third Line<BR>
First Line
Second Line
Third Line

Nothing but a simple <BR> sets off the line break, and does not require another tag to close it. It simple ends the line and wraps the text to the next immediate line.



This prevents two words from being separated at the end of a line. The web browser automatically wraps text onto the next line to fit the area displayed in the browser. This prevents two words from being separated when a line of text is wrapped.


A horizontal rule can be used to place a horizontal line between two sections of the page. A horizontal rule is created with the <HR> tag.

Options for the <HR> tag:

<HR size="#pixels" width="" align="">


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