Java is a Virtual Machine technology developed by Sun.

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  • Java Programming Language
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This page is a place holder for a future tutorial on Java.

Java Virtual Machine

The Java Virtual Machine is a program created to make all computers appear to be the same kind of computer and run the same software. Java was Sun Microsystem's answer to the problem of having computer programs that ran only on Sun computers, or only on Intel computers (mostly Windows based computers), or only on Motorola computers (MacIntosh computers).

The Java Virtual Machine makes it possible for programmers to write one version of a piece of software and that software will run on any computer running the Java Virtual Machine.

Java Programming Language

The Java Programming Language writes programs that when compiled, will run on the Java Virtual Machine.


Applets are small applications that can be run on the Java Virtual Machine plugin used in most web browsers today.

Java Archives

A Java Archive is a bundle of one or more Java Applets or applications that can be downloaded as a single file from another location. Typically, this is used to download Applets from a web server to a desktop computer, but this is changing.



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