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Well Known Ports is a term used for the virtual port numbers used by various TCP and UDP services running over Internet Protocol. These port numbers are registered and managed by a group called the Internet Assigned Names Authority (IANA). This list is sometimes referred to as the "ports and protocols" list for Internet Protocol and TCP/UDP services.

These ports are broken down into ranges:

Category Port Range Assignment/Use
System Ports0 - 1023 Assigned by IETF process for standards-track protocols. Typically used by by listener daemons (ex: telnetd, sshd, ntpd, named, ftpd, httpd) at the "server" side of a connection.
User Ports1024 - 49151Assigned by IANA as per the "Expert Review" process.
Dynamic and/or
Private Ports
49152 - 65535Not assigned at all and free for any use, but expect possible conflicts.

Assigned Internet Protocol Numbers

From: IANA Service Names and Port Numbers Text File


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