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I Have a Vision...

I want to build a high-tech training lab and a charity-based training company to train the next generation of Helpdesk Technicians, Network Operations Engineers and Systems Administrators. I plan to find my future engineers at soup kitchens, shelters and thrift stores. There are people out there living a lie--that they are broke, unemployed, helpless and worthless. I want to open eyes, give hope and help those who have fallen to stand on their own again.

The IT industry can't find enough engineers and the skills are easy to acquire, in as short as two weeks full time, but I can't do this on my own.

  1. InetDaemon.Com is one of the biggest, most popular free certification training sites around.
  2. Every year I help more than 750,000 people learn new computer, Internet and networking skills at InetDaemon.Com every year, for free--but this can't last forever.
  3. Those 750,000 people are engaged in a quest to better themselves, and I support them, even though they don't pay me.
  4. InetDaemon.Com is powered by just ONE person, myself, aka 'InetDaemon'.
  5. I have to pay the bills so I work at a a 'day job. My "day job" currently covers the costs of operating this site, donations mean I don't have to work quite so hard.
  6. InetDaemon continues to use out-of-date Macromedia software from 2004 to save on expenses, but the pages it creates are becoming non-compliant with current standards.
  7. Due to a lack of donations, I was forced to add advertising to cover the costs of running this site. There is another way, if you donate today.
  8. PayPal takes their cut, about $.45 or 3% of the donation amount, whichever is greater, so donating $1 leaves me with about fifty cents--make your donation count by being as generous as you can.

Other Ways To Support InetDaemon.Com

Do you work for one of the major telecom, hosting or network equipment manufacturers? Here's how you can help me train your next set of engineers:

  1. Work for Adobe? Get in touch with me to donate a copy of Macromedia CS software so I can upgrade the website!
  2. Work for Juniper, Cisco or other vendor? Get in touch with me to donate some switches, routers and firewalls so I can build a certification lab!
  3. Work for Dell? Get in touch with me to donate servers and desktops to build a cloud computing lab!
  4. Work for VMWare, Sun or Oracle? Get in touch with me to donate software for a training lab!
  5. Work for Microsoft? A free TechNet subscription would be fantastic and would support a training lab!
  6. Work for an ISP? Free Internet to my home would let me move all my hosting here and provide access to any lab someone helps me build.
  7. Work for a Web Hosting Provider? Free hosting would offset my expenses.


Now, if everyone who visited this site donated just 2 dollars U.S., I could retire for life and work on this site full time and spend all my time running training classes.



Please consider supporting InetDaemon.Com with your generous donation.

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