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Will the Internet crash in 2012?

Matt Ford posted a story yesterday to CNN about the Internet running out of IP addresses and that there will be no new IP addresses for anyone to use after 2012, or as soon as September 2011.  This story is reported as if it is ‘new’ news, but this is an old story, as Matt probably well knows.  Many have sounded this warning before, but is it for real this time?
The Big Internet Crunch -or- We’re out of IP addresses, again

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I was curious just how big the biggest, largest USB flash drive available would be. This is one of those fun sorts of searches that tells you how far technology has advanced. So far, looks like Kingston’s 256GB USB flash drive is as large as it gets, for the time being. The Kingston DataTraveler 310 is a USB Key with 256GB of storage (pictured below and sold on Amazon).  While I can find larger USB keys on Google, I can’t find them from a reputable memory or computer dealer.

Say goodbye to the old floppy disk. Does anybody carry them any more?

I decided to take a look at the statistics for InetDaemon.Com with an eye towards looking for mobile users to see if access to my site corresponded to trends I saw elsewhere.  I have a tool called AWSTATS installed which logs the basic TCP and HTTP transaction information for all accesses to the website.  This provides me a fairly comprehensive look at what sorts of computerized devices are accessing my website.

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Mobile phone use is exploding all over the planet. Mobile access to the web in North America was up more than 148% in 2009, according to Quantcast.  Asian and South American countries still lag behind but are growing. More than 50% of the mobile web users are on iPhones, according to Quantcast.

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