What is a computer? A computer is any device capable of performing computations (making calculations)--it performs a computation and produces an answer. That includes an abacus. But this is a little too simple and too broad to describe most computers today. Today's computers can perform very complex calculations at extremely high speeds using silicon-based semi-conductor technologies and a collection of storage, processing, presentation and user interface components to make it produce input and output in a format computer users can interpret.

The computers most people think of, their desktop computers, laptops, notebooks and tablet computers are 'general purpose' computing machines. All general purpose computers have a place to store instructions (RAM), a computation engine or processor (CPU) to perform logical or mathematical calculations, registers to store intermediate values created during the computation process. Increasingly, computers are being integrated with everything you can think of, from your toothbrush to your car, your audio system, your appliances, your phone, your house, your office building, the badge you wear into the building, the security tags in the store you shop in--virtually everything has a computing device inside it these days.

The online computer tutorials below cover computer software, operating systems, hardware, security, desktops, servers and appliances.


Computer Tutorials and Computer Training


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