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Looks like the Twitter Tools plugin is broken. Need to find another alternative. Suggestions?

Blocking Russian and Chinese SPAM is actually fairly easy.  Unless you communicate in Russian or Chinese, just delete any e-mail that contains any of the special characters either of those languages use.  I’ll admit that Chinese is a bit harder, since there are over 3000 characters in their ‘alphabet’, but using the top 30 or 40 characters should block most of the SPAM.

Blocking Russian and Chinese SPAM from Outlook

It was one of those innocent questions a thoughtful wife often asks when holidays are approaching: "Honey, What do you think about your Mom's Sony Reader?" and later, "Which do you like better: the Sony Reader, the Kindle or the Nook?" I replied, "Amazon is evil... Continue reading
RSA Security, maker of the SecureID two-factor authentication system used in many encryption systems and VPN/Remote Access products, was successfully attacked with an "Advanced Persistent Threat". The APT involved a small number of e-mails specifically targeted to the individuals contacted (spear phishing), a bit of social engineering in the e-mail and finally a malcode exel spreadsheet attachment that exploits a 0-day Adobe Flash vulnerability, that Adobe has since patched. Continue reading