Nice to know my site is appreciated–by those who are in the know:  technical support representatives. Here is a note we got just a couple of days ago from a technical support rep:

I work for a technical support group for [well-known IT company]. Generally, we create
our own adhocs and have found this site to be very useful in educating the customers.
It [InetDaemon.Com] is much more precise and easier to understand than our own site.

Easier to understand than the company’s own support website?  Impressive, don’t you think?

Now, I could disclose who this company is (their global headquarters are in the U.S.).  Rest assured though, that if you have called anybody for technical support, you just might have talked to one of their people and one of their people may have provided an answer they got from InetDaemon.Com.  When IT Pros turn to this support company, this company’s personnel turn to

I am, after all,  the guy ‘geeks’ call for technical support.

Now you know why InetDaemon.Com should be one of your first choices for technical education.