All right, so you’ve got a blog. Expect spam disguised as comments.  Here’s how you block the comment, trackback and pingback spam.

  1. If you use WordPress and you don’t have it already, get the free Akismet WordPress plugin and install it. 
  2. Get your Akismet API key (they are free too)
  3. Enable the Akismet plugin
  4. Hold any post containing a URL. Go to your WordPress Dashboard, click Settings, Click Discussions.
  5. Under Comment Moderation, set the count of links to zero (post contains [ ] or more links).
  6. Under Comment Blacklist, add a fairly standard list of words contained in spam posts.
  7. Read this guide at about combating spam.

After you take these steps, we’re going to look at the top three WordPress plugins you can install that will help block spam.

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