I wrote a Perl CGI script that handles the hyperlinks to the previous and next pages in every tutorial page in each section of this website (for the Internet, Telecom, Computer tutorials etc.).  I’ve been trying to fix the darn thing, and I keep getting closer to a solution, but other problems keep popping up.  At first, the main page for each section kept linking back to itself. I fixed that, only to reveal that the pages didn’t link in the order I wanted. So, I created a file to tell the script what order the pages should be in.  Then I remembered just how many sections there are in this site!! (Think: hundreds).

So, I modified the script to create the files with the pages in alphabetical order.  Now I don’t have to create hundreds of pages, but I still have to go back and edit them into logical order.

Please bear with me while I work to untangle this twisted skein of Perl..