Treestump and Vines at Sunset

An Old Stump

I decided to make a stop on my way home tonight.

There’s this field that has a pond in it, and I’ve been out to take pictures of the pond before. The light is bad because it’s blocked by a stand of very old trees which cast deep shadows by late afternoon.  Still, someone had mowed the field recently, so I got out of my car in my wingtips, sport coat and slacks took a walk around the pond to get a better angle and try some water shots. 

As I walked round the pond, I discovered a trail and on a whim, followed it.  I found a treasure!  That discovery turned into a very relaxing hour-long walk past another pond, some open fields, a ruined shed, an old haybailer the woods had overtaken, a tractor, woodpile and a family cemetary.  I also spotted beaver, birds, possibly a fox den and horses in a nearby field.  As every experienced photographer will do, I started seeing the area not only in the sunset light, but noting places to take pictures from in the morning light when the sun is shining from the other direction.

On my way back, I discovered the trail also extended in the other direction and the path loops back around the other side of the fields as well, so there’s more to discover. I had no idea this was so close to home!

This photo was taken during my walk.  I’m going back again to see what else I find. I’m bringing better lenses and a tripod!