Friday, the InetDaemon.Com website crashed.  HTTP 500 errors all over the place and no WordPress, just blank error pages. Oh, NO! What do I do!?!

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It seems that Spammers and their auto-spam software keep finding WordPress sites and try their hardest to get their links for their phishing site inserted here. Thanks to Akismet, they fail. This site is moderated (I have to approve every response) and this site is filtered (anything with even 1 URL gets marked as spam.

So far, the level of spam is pretty small and Akismet does a great job of spotting spam that doesn’t contain URL’s.

I’ve always been cautious about claiming to be an expert during an interview.  The expectation of most hiring managers is that an expert knows everything there is to know about his area of expertise and that there is nothing about his specialty that is unknown to the expert.

The practical reality is that most people don’t know everything there is to know:  not even the experts know everything and even when they have the answer, the solution may not be what management wants to hear.

Experts only know more than most other people.

What do you think? Would you claim to be an expert on your resume? During an interview? On the job?

In this series of posts, I share my experiences with Google's AdSense advertising program. Google's terms and conditions are very restrictive which prevents me from discussing the actual and Google doesn't give you any idea what you can earn. Continue reading