The OSI Model tutorial will walk you step by step through the OSI Model, its seven layers, show you how it works and present you with a real world example of the OSI Model in operation.

  1. What is the OSI Model
  2. The OSI Model's Seven Layers - Introduction
    1. OSI Model - Physical Layer
    2. OSI Model - Datalink Layer
    3. OSI Model - Network Layer
    4. OSI Model - Transport Layer
    5. OSI Model - Session Layer
    6. OSI Model - Presentation Layer
    7. OSI Model - Application Layer
  3. How the OSI Model works
  4. Real World Example of the OSI Model
  5. OSI Model vs. Internet Model (TCP/IP Model)
  6. Additional Note: OSI Model and GOSIP


Lesson 1: What is the OSI Model? >>

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