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Trivial File Transfer Protocol is an Internet Standardized protocol defined in RFC 1350 which is used for transferring files in low security networks. Trivial File Transfer performs the file transfer process without requesting a user login and thus is less secure than FTP. to a remote machine over UDP port 69. As it is a UDP protocol, it is referred to as an unreliable protocol because it does not verify that the various parts of the file arrived intact. Any application that uses TFTP is responsible for verifying the integrity of the file. Trival file transfer is used by Cisco routers to download their configuration files and by Sun Sparc workstations during the Jumpstart process.

TFTP is a client-server protocol because a TFTP server application is needed for TFTP client software to connect to. The TFTP server will listen on UDP port 69 for connection requests. After a connection is established, data is transferred. Files may be transferred in either direction.

Applications that use TFTP include SolarWinds TFTP and Pumpkin.



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