What goes in a support toolkit? What does a technician really need when performing desktop troubleshooting for users?

To provide support, you need a toolkit. For computer and network troubleshooting, you need certain tools.

Helpdesk and LAN Administrators

  • Software
    • Bootable Disks with the Operating System Installation files
    • Bootable Recovery Disks
    • Bootable Floppy
    • Windows Rescue Disks for NT, 2000 and XP
    • Disks with copies of the drivers for all installed hardware
    • Network Operating Sytems disks (Novell client software etc.)
    • Bootable disk or CD-ROM with Anti-VIrus, Anti-Spyware and latest definitions - This is usually generated from an enterprise-class antivirus server application.
  • Tools
    • Regular and Phillups screwdrivers
    • Pliers (needle-nose)
    • Assorted Hex Keys
    • Cabling kit (for Ethernet)
      • Cat5/5e/6 cable
      • RJ-45 and RJ-11 connectors
      • Crimper tool
      • Wire-stripping tool
      • Punchdown tool (Wire punch)
  • Testing Gear
    • Cable testing
      • Tone Generator
      • Sensor pen (works with tone generator)
    • Ethernet
      • Cable tester (CAT 5/5e/6)
      • Time-domain reflectometer
    • Voice/PBX
      • Line Test handset

WAN/TELECOM Administrators & Repairmen

  • Software
    • PCMCIA flash card with latest IOS/Firmware/OS
  • Tools
    • Assorted screwdrivers
    • Wire Punch
    • Wire Wrap punch
  • Hardware
    • Breakout Box
    • T-BERT
    • Line Test handset

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