The Network Information Service is a creation of Sun that was released in the early 80's. Since Unix systems use a domain model for networking, some service is necessary to provide user authentication. For purposes of authenticating users for access to the network and a local system, the Network Information Service was created by Sun in the early 1980's. Today, most Unix and even Linux manufacturers provide some level of support for NIS or NIS+.

  • ypserv - NIS server (launched at boot)
  • ypbind - NIS client (launched at boot)
  • ypxfr - Downloads current version of the yellow pages (yp) map from the server
  • ypxfrd - makes transferring the yp map easier on the server and faster for the client.
  • yppush - Administrative command to force slave NIS servers to update their yp map.

More information will appear here later as I have time.


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