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  1. What is BGP?
    1. External BGP
    2. Internal BGP
  2. BGP and Autonomous Systems
  3. BGP and Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR)
  4. BGP and CIDR Notation
  5. BGP Neighbors
  6. BGP Peering
  7. BGP Operation
    1. AS Paths
    2. AS Path Attributes
    3. Network Layer Reachability Information (NLRI)
    4. BGP Finite State Model
    5. BGP Messages
      1. BGP Keepalive Message
      2. BGP Update Message
      3. BGP Notification
      4. BGP Open Message
    6. BGP Advertisements
    7. BGP Best Path Algorithm
    8. BGP Route Flaps and Dampening
  8. BGP Configuration (Cisco)
  9. Advanced BGP Configuration (Cisco)
  10. Security and BGP
  11. BGP Troubleshooting
  12. Addendum
    1. Routing Arbiter Database
    2. Books on BGP



Good Border Gateway Protocol Books



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