1. Definition of the Public Switched Telephone Network
  2. Visual Guide to the Public Switched Telephone Network
  3. History of the Public Switched Telephone Network
  4. Definition of a Subscriber
  5. Definition of Phone Companies (Common Carriers)
  6. Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) used in the Public Switched Telephone Network
    1. Telephone Handset
    2. Inside Wiring
    3. Network Interface Device
  7. PSTN Central Office Equipment (Branch Office)
    1. Description of a Central Office
    2. Outside Plant
      1. Local Loop
      2. Voice Lines
      3. Trunk Lines and Tie Trunks
    3. Inside Plant
      1. Distribution Frames
      2. Punchdown Blocks
      3. Patch Panels
      4. Digital Access Cross Connecting Switches (DCCS, DACS or DAX)
      5. Multiplexors
        1. Time-Division Multiplexors
        2. Statistical Time-Division Multiplexers
  8. PSTN Calling Areas and Exchanges
    1. The LERG and Telcordia
      1. North American Numbering Plan
      2. Numbering Plan Area (NPA /NXX)
      3. Common Lanugage Location Identifier Codes (CLLI codes)
    2. Local Access and Transport Area - LATA
      1. Inter-LATA
      2. Intra-LATA
    3. Public Exchanges
      1. Local Exchange
      2. Regional Exchange
      3. Foreign Exchange
      4. National Exchange
      5. International Exchange
    4. Private Branch Exchanges (PBX)



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