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  1. Introduction to e-mail
  2. Using e-mail
    1. Introduction to E-mail Clients
      1. Microsoft Outlook
      2. Mozilla Thunderbird
      3. How to send an e-mail
    2. What are E-mail Attachments?
    3. How to send files by E-mail (pictures etc.)
    4. Securing Your E-Mail Client
  3. How e-mail works
    1. The Process
      1. Sending E-mail
      2. Receiving E-mail
      3. E-Mail, Domain Name Service and MX records
    2. The Components
      1. Mail Exchangers
      2. E-mail clients
    3. The Protocols
      1. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol - SMTP
      2. Post Office Protocol version 3 - POP3
      3. Internet Message Access Protocol - IMAP
      4. HTTP or Web based e-mail (webmail)
      5. Microsoft Exchange Server groupware



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